This morning, DragonBoy and I met at Taikang Road, a cute old neighbourhood in the French Concession full of tiny laneways, coffee shops (all too rare in Shanghai) and photographic galleries.  It’s largely infested by tourists (I saw more laowai in a half hour than I had all week) but its nice to see signs that some local people actually live here too.

Afterwards, I made the trek north to see a different side of the city.  Shanghai has two major elevated freeways.  They really contribute to the character of the city, say what?

Running endlessly north-south and east-west, they inevtably cross and when they do, it’s a mountain of flyovers and ramps at least four levels high, with a mean and circuituous pedestrian bridge (which was half closed for repairs) and not much else.  Makes for good photos but.

3 Responses to S M L XL

  1. gizzard says:

    Hi Dave,
    I THOUGHT that was Pocky in the pikkie. Haha.
    Looks like their cabling is modelled on egg noodles.

  2. Nina says:

    And looks like their egg noodles may have been modelled on their flyovers.

  3. Nomey says:

    Something about Marco Polo… noodley junctions and the west.

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