The funny things that happen in parks

People’s Park is the largest green space in central Shanghai (it previously was a racecourse for the non-Chinese of the city) and is mostly quite lovely, with grass and trees and lakes and people.

As if that isn’t enough, it’s also common here for parks to contain a number of buildings too.  People’s Park has a large government building, a few museums – including the Urban Planning Exhibition Hall – and the unfortunately ubiquitous Starbucks.  Oh, and an amusement park.

While the kids are having good clean fun, their parents are engaged in a more sinister activity just a few metres away.  Every weekend, there is an unofficial  match-making market held in specially constructed marquees (suggesting that it is, in fact, somewhat official).  Parents hang one-page profiles of any of their unmarried children, including their height, exam results and occasionally a photo.  There is a real buzz of excitement … or perhaps desperation …

In one section, they also offer a shopping bag, containing I assume an additional inducement to would-be suitors.

3 Responses to The funny things that happen in parks

  1. bitbot says:

    Is that like ‘free gift with child’?

  2. natalie says:

    they should seriously do that here in Sydney!

  3. they do kinda – its called rsvp. but there are usually no parents involved…

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