Shahping … Eating … More Shahping

On the weekend, I went to Hong Kong to hang out with the Totally Twins, who were there on holidays.  It didn’t take long for me to remember why I love Honkers so much – it is such an intense and active but strangely relaxing place to be.  (Actually, it did take long … my flight there was 3 hours late, which I spent sitting in the plane on the tarmac, next to an old couple who stole my window seat (and tried constantly for the arm rest) and spent the whole time coughing in my direction, and just a few rows from the woman who passed out and had to be carried from the plane, and the guy who flipped out and almost got carried off too… the flight back is another story …)

Just like Brenda from the original series of 90210, we filled our weekend with “shopping … eating … more shopping …”  Much time was thus spent in shopping malls and restaurants, but also in my favourite part of HonkyTown, Mong Kok.  Aptly translating as “busy corner”, Mong Kok is the densest urban area in the world and has a market street for just about everything …

There is the Ladies Market (specialising in stockings, undergarments and cleaning products), Men’s Street (cigarette lighters and crayzy t-shirts), Tile Street (home renovations), Photocopy Street (photocopying….!), Sports Shoe Street (below)

and markets for flowers, birds and goldfish …

While my eating prowess easily matched that of my companions, they were well ahead on shopping bags filled.  Totally!

4 Responses to Shahping … Eating … More Shahping

  1. Nikose says:

    OMG Doctor Bullshit. You have mixed up your Spelling shows! “Shopping … eating … more shopping …” wasn’t said by Brenda on 90210, I’m pretty sure it was Jane from Melrose Place.

    Hong Kong did kind of feature in a 90210 episode. Mr & Mrs Walsh won a holiday there and it was such a whacky destination that they had accompany the announcement with a gong and chopsticks-style music in the scene.

  2. Yar actually, they moved to Honks when Jim got a new job. Everything else you said is right though. The Spelling Years are a bit of a blur.

  3. gizzard says:

    It’s ok, we all make Spelling errors now and then. This is one case when a Spelling error is not a typo. Does one of your shopping companions only have one leg and no crutches, making them a hopping companion?

  4. Even if TotallyShe only had one leg, she would still shop like crayzy. The Sports Shoe Street might be a bit less appealing though.

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