We are always be your side

I am a bit partial to mass spectacle every now and then, so I went to a soccer match last night.  The local team Shenhua were playing another city, Chongqing.

While not a capacity crowd, there was plenty of noise and enthusiasm, especially from the hundreds of fanclub members stationed at each end of the pitch.  Synchronised hopping and chanting seems to suit the Chinese sensibility.  Shenhua lost 2-1 but everyone seemed pretty happy anyway.

3 Responses to We are always be your side

  1. xiaolong says:

    Wow Dr…
    That looks amazing, did you manage to make it along to the recent grudge match between the mighty Shenhua and those evil northerners, Beijing Guoan?
    If so, what was the mood like and how did the crowd organise themselves to sing in time with each other?

    • Dear Dorothy Dixer, thanks for your question. Yes, indeed, I did make it to that game, which was full of defensive screw-ups, misfires and a bit of scrapping. The crowd could be described as much the same. Lots of yelling that I couldn’t understand, but I am assured it was A-grade cursing. The co-ordinated singing was aided by one of our gang, who bought along his trumpet (like a real trumpet you normally see in an orchestra) and tooted out a few football chant standards. Have I answered all of your questions adequately…?

  2. xiaolong says:

    I think you have. I’d file a night like that under ‘Extra Crayzy’…
    Guo An Sha Bi!

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