Seoul / Hoodie, 2 Shoes

From the very start of our trip to Seoul, it was clear that there were a few fashion laws in place:
a) everybody must wear a hoodie
b) when it comes to footwear, the crayzyer the better
c) old ladies must wear ridiculously oversized plastic visors

Delighted by what we saw, we attempted to document as much as possible, but generally, people feel uncomfortable with a stranger pointing a camera at their head and/or feet.  The following do some small justice to the fashion on parade.

These guys were preparing to perform a martial arts demonstration (thus were OK with cameras) but were fully committed to the hood.

I took this shot through a cafe window.  The heels are a pretty typical set, but certainly not as high or wacky as many we saw.  And here is a collection of Dragonboy’s best shoe shots (mostly from the Metro):

He calls the last one “Sneaker Love”.

That’s his shoulder at the front of the shot.  I was pretending to take his photo after we had scaled a hill for a view over the city.

*Thanks also to Dragonboy also for providing the inspired title of this post.

2 Responses to Seoul / Hoodie, 2 Shoes

  1. natalie says:

    I see those visors in Bar Sport in Leichhardt … it’s a trend for sure. a trend towards getting out of bed avoiding the hair brush and slinking on a visor. They think we can’t see what’s above … we can.

  2. I have also noticed that some visors can pivot downwards to be used as a face protector while riding a scooter. Most versatile. It kinda looks like a welding mask.

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