Seoul / Bukchon Village

On our first day in Seoul, Dragonboy and I met up with The Master of the Map, who I first met while studying urban design. The Master loves cities and directed us towards some fantastic parts of Seoul.

Just north of the main commercial centre lies Bukchon Village, a 600-year-old residential area, flanked by the two grand palaces of Seoul, themselves laid out according to Confucian principles – importantly, between mountains and water.

Bukchon is fine grain and a bit ramshackle, so there are plenty of beautiful little spaces and buildings to discover.

The walk up the hill is quite steep, but affords a great view back to the city and its mountainous setting.

Bukchon has Seoul’s largest cluster of traditional Korean wooden houses or hanok. Hanok are typically arranged around courtyards with decorative outer walls and sweeping tiled roofs. It is still a thriving residential community with a scattering of galleries, cafes and restaurants.  I believe that it is super expensive to live here (not surprisingly) and that houses are mostly passed on through families.

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