Seoul / Space saving devices

In a city like Seoul, every square metre of space counts. 

There are plenty of car stackers like this one.  In the same area of two car parking spaces, up to 10 cars can be accommodated.  The logical next step from that is the parking tower, which can house many more cars and creates an interesting urban building typology.  This one is only about 5 metres wide and houses 2 cars per level.

Many of the bars are in basements (no windows required) so a common sight is the pop-up entry, designed to attract maximum attention while commanding minimum footprint.

People in wheelchairs need not drink, it seems ….
I was surpised by the fervour for drinking in Seoul, a culture that doesn’t exist in China.  Despite this, the latenight areas were very safe.  Korean drunks seem to be happy but not troublemakers.

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