Seoul / Making green from grey

Now, here is something that is super-good!  Running from one side of downtown Seoul to the other is Cheong-gye-cheon, a creek and parkland corridor.  Sandwiched between two roads and sunk below street level, it changes from urban plazas with fountains to a more naturalistic (albeit constructed) creek, with waterfalls and rapids, bridges and stepping stones.

Nothing remarkable in itself, except that for a long time, and until fairly recently, the whole corridor was devoted to an elevated roadway.  Before and after shots below…

The current mayor of Seoul decided it might be a nice idea to rip down the motorway and build a park in its place.  Sound thinking … it is a very popular place for locals and visitors alike, and has sparked the sudden rejuvenation of the surrounding area, including a number of very nice buildings and public domain upgrades.

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