Seoul / Postscript (aka wtf)

Here are some things from Seoul that don’t fit neatly into categories – on this blog or generally.

A fine delicacy from the streets – a hot dog and potato chips are pressed together, battered and deepfried.  Hello heart attack!

Another type of hot dog.  People in Seoul love their dogs a lot.  Note the handy elasticised toileting hole.

And speaking of toileting, this is a most unfortunate name for a bar.  I didn’t go to toilet there, but I am sure it was pretty wacky.

6 Responses to Seoul / Postscript (aka wtf)

  1. Nikkos says:

    Oh that’s good. They’ve got valet parking at the crazy w.c bar.

    • Ya, good spot Eagle Eye. Valet parking didn’t really fit with low-brow nature of the establishment. But, as they readily admit, they are crazy.

  2. bitbot says:

    Apparently there is a blog called…

    • And it appears that blog is blocked here in China for some reason … Perhaps the government doesn’t want people to know that the rest of the world has the freedom to be fatties.

      • Nikkos says:

        Consider yourself lucky! The first page has some highly offensive material on it. I’m going to submit it to ACMA to get it listed on the Rudd/Conroy/Australian Christian Lobby web filter.

  3. JumboJet says:

    let’s turn off the computer now uncle nik.

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