Give Praise Unto Almighty Haibao

Haibao is the official mascot of the World Expo.  Haibao means ‘treasure of the sea’ which is also reflected in his colour.

Haibao is a lovable fellow who represents the open and welcoming nature of the people of Shanghai. Haibao doesn’t have a motto, but if he did, it could well be “watch? handbag? suit?” which is the way I am welcomed by people in most parts of the city.

Haibao’s form is based on the Chinese character meaning ‘people’ but one of my work colleagues thinks he is based on a condom.

Haibao is not recognised by my spellchecker, which suggests Hairball instead.

Haibao is climbing out of the wall of my local shopping mall.

Haibao is hanging about and spouting unintelligible words of wisdom.

Haibao is always drawing a crowd.

Haibao is hot.  Haibao is so hot, in fact, that he has an inbuilt cooling fan.

Haibao loves to act the fool.

Haibao just can’t wipe that smile of his face, regardless of how ridiculous his clothing choices are.  Haibao, word of advice: not even Santa looks good in a fur-trimmed red suit.

Haibao haunts my dreams.
Haibao cannot be avoided.
Haibao is all and all is Haibao.

3 Responses to Give Praise Unto Almighty Haibao

  1. natalie says:

    What a weird lil dude – he looks like he should dispense icee drinks or something …

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