Another crayzy motorway

This time it’s the approach road to the Nanpu Bridge, which is the main road connection between the two sides of the city.  In fact, it is one of only two bridges in the centre of the city, with most crossings of the river occurring in tunnels – scary tunnels that are small, bendy and apparently lacking in escape stairs.  They are also closed to pedestrians.  There is one pedestrian tunnel at the northern end of the city – marketed as a tourist attraction with garish flashing light displays and probably worth a visit for the cheese factor.  The Nanpu Bridge is closed to pedestrians too.

The bridge’s location at the junction of some major roads, as well as its height, results in an incredibly vast approach road that spirals over itself twice. It’s hard to capture from ground level, but this famous shot from Edward Burtynsky certainly captures its full glory.

I spent a bit of time exploring the areas under and around the bridge, as I like to do….

Click on the image above for full panoramic glory!

The bridge itself is pretty overpowering.

It’s right next to the Expo site, contains a large bus terminal and new Metro station – in my mind, it has great potential to be something.  For the time being though, it will just remain one of those “lost spaces” in a big city.

3 Responses to Another crayzy motorway

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  2. Julian says:

    As a traffic engineer, I never felt the need to be proud of the Anzac Bridge, until seeing this site…

    imagine a 720 degree turn to go straight!
    This has kept me intrigued and amused for… minutes…

    • enlighten me though … how else (apart from a huge car lift) does one get from the ground to a high bridge? shanghai is very flat, so there is no topographical advantage like in sydney. this is a genuine question.

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