Little Gifts at Work

My colleagues sometimes leave little gifts on my desk at work … some are sweet, some are quite sour!

This was a thankyou present (for me doing the tiniest of favours for someone).  In parts of the city during summer, old women sit in the street threading wire through flowers, creating a small token of luck for the day.  Women often attach them to a button or pin.  They had a very strong and sweet smell!  My workfriend also gave me this blog, which has some beautiful pictures of the flower threaders, and Shanghai streetlife in general.

Whenever someone in the office gets married, we get candy.  The boxes are shaped like traditional wedding headwear. 

And whenever there is a baby born to someone in the office, we get a little gift too.  If it’s a girl, we get chocolate.  If it’s a boy however, we get shrink-wrapped black eggs.  Everyone hopes for a girl (except the parents probably…)

I have received another gift … a nickname from one of the marketing team.  Mr Bean (yeah, yeah, all white guys look the same…)  Upon being told, my annoyance was shortlived … in the next breath, she also told me she likes to read on the toilet.  I’d rather be a bit goofy than have smelly books!

4 Responses to Little Gifts at Work

  1. luKe says:

    I wonder what they leave on your desk if you fail to promptly submit your monthly invoice / project workplan / PQP / blahblahblah / etc ?

    • A What Plan? P Q Huh? There are many reasons I like being here and you have just mentioned four of them. I was told just 5 minutes ago that I should focus my energy on design not management.

  2. natalie says:

    Have you bought any gifts for people yet?

    • My gift is my immense talent – spread across the office and creating ripples of joy. No really (although what I said is true…), my only gift has been a regular supply of strawberries – I can get a whole bag from the stall near my apartment full for about $5. The peeps here love them.

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