Our Smoking New Studio

My work is relocating very shortly, from our current place in Pudong to the other side of the river.  We have found a fantastic building (a former factory for Happiness Motorcycles, a famous Chinese brand) in a location that real estate agents might refer to as “up and coming”.  It’s located close to the Nanpu Bridge, near the Expo site, on the edge of the old city.  In Shanghai, whole neighbourhoods can change almost overnight, so we may not need to wait too long for the cafes and mini-galleries to arrive.

From the outside, the industrial character of the site (now named Dream Wharf) is intact.   Hopefully, that will loosen up a bit too…

But inside, it’s super.  A big space, lots of natural light and a soaring timber lined roof.  Our clever interiors people have done a very smart and sensitive fitout, based around collaboration and interaction (we have more chairs in meeting rooms than at desks…) and with a strong focus on suatainability.

I particularly like the meeting spaces that are located sneakily above two storage rooms – a great vantage point of the whole space.  Am tempted to buy a megaphone and position myself in one of these spaces as an office overlord, giving instructions from on high (just like the olden days…)

This morning, we had eight monks from the Jade Buddha Temple come to bless the new office, do some chanting and officiate over the suckling pig.  It was a good luck date, so the opening had to occur today, even though we haven’t actually moved in (and the chairs are still covered in plastic…)  I think it will be a fun place to work.

4 Responses to Our Smoking New Studio

  1. luKe says:

    Looks like an exemplary studio environment – half ya luck!

    By the way, your English grammar is taking on a dictinctive Chinglish flavour … “My work is relocated very shortly”

    • I’d like to claim overwork and undersleep for my terrible grammar (and today, both would be relevant), but my English is indeed in a slow decline. I guess no-one here cares, so it’s easy to let standards slip. I used to be so pedantic about such things…

  2. luKe says:

    I can hardly throw stones – my comment included a typo.

    Anyway, keep up the crayzy Chinglish commentary as it is all interesting.

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