Sydney / It changes too!

I’ve come back to Sydney for a few weeks to see people, collect my possessions (including you-know-who) and make a more permanent move to Shanghai.  I also needed, it seems, to catch a nasty cold – after all of my climate leaping and overworking, I’m surprised I have avoided sickness so far.

I expected that in a few short months, Sydney wouldn’t have changed much – especially now that I am used to the break-neck speed of development in Shanghai – and generally that was true.

I was happy to rediscover some of Sydney’s great food, including the massive plates of Thai food I can get around the corner from my house.  I have been missing Thai food a little…

And one thing I won’t tire of is the amazing view when you step from a train at Circular Quay Station.  OK, this image is a bit cheaty … it was cold and wintry when I visited last week, so I grabbed this summertime pic from the internet.

But, not all things have stayed static.  For as long as I have lived in the neighbourhood (and presumedly for many years longer), there has been a butcher located at the end of my street.  It was officially called M and A Quality Meats, but also had the more poetic name of Meatbusters.  Some mornings, I would be greeted by the sight (and smell) of whole animal carcasses being carried from the back of a truck into the shop.

And now, it is gone, replaced by a second hand clothing store.  A sign of gentrification and the growing predominance of supermarkets over local shops, for sure.  But to this vegetarian, it is also a sweet sign of progress!


One Response to Sydney / It changes too!

  1. bitbot says:

    Now who will bust our meat?

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