The sea that ate Old Bar

While in Australia, I caught up with the family in Old Bar, a small but rapidly expanding coastal town a few hours north of Sydney.  We stayed in our usual spot, a bunch of villas perched on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.

Since our last visit – about 2 years ago – the ocean has been busy, ripping away the dunes and vegetation along the coast.  The resort owner claims that in this time, about 15 metres has been lost from the coastline.  Fortunately for him, his buildings are set back.  But, the neighbours haven’t been so lucky.

Since this Google image was taken in late 2007, a number of the dwellings to the south have been demolished to prevent them from being sucked into the ocean.

These are the remnants of the middle waterfront house.  Half of it is still being lived in, but not for long…

The pace of destruction (no doubt hurried by climate change) has left homes abandoned and timber fences dangling over the sandy edge.

Further down the beach, I found a brick from one of the old houses, it too beaten by the sea, into a smooth and stone-like form.


3 Responses to The sea that ate Old Bar

  1. luKe says:

    Nice post Dr Bullshit.

    Static-minded humans need to wake up and recognise that we live in a dynamic universe.
    Sand moves.
    So do oceans.
    And so do solar systems.

    “Nothing stays the same” is an emerging theme of your posts and its is a good one with much depth to explore.

  2. Nick F says:

    well said luKe (oh, and Dave too)

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