Our old place (bland but clean)

So we have found a new place to live.  But first, a short memorial to the old apartment.  For all my complaints about Pudong (roads too big, everything too far apart, not many fun places to hang out), the apartment was pretty good.

It was in a typical modern Chinese apartment building, about 35 storeys tall and in a complex of about 8 similar buildings.  Like all complexes here (or as I prefer to say “compounds” – it just sounds meaner), the buildings are set back from the street and bounded by a high security fence.  An active streetscape it does not make.

Our apartment (17th floor, 2 bed, 2 bath) was simple and clean.  Probably it’s best feature, though, was its view over the adjacent gardens and between buildings to the river and city beyond.

Targeting the Western (as well as the Westernised local) market, the layout was typical pattern book stuff and the furnishings all IKEA stock standard.

The only quirk was that the kitchen had no oven – something that is typically missing in Chinese homes.  Benchtop cookers are pretty popular.  I used this to cook toast (oh yeah, toasters are pretty rare too).

Anyway, not much to say.  These pics attest to the neutrality of the place (and my neutrality of feeling towards it…)


One Response to Our old place (bland but clean)

  1. bitbot says:

    Well, it does look clean…

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