Our new place – front door to jamban

Inside, our new apartment is pretty styley but also a bit odd.  Some good points: timber floorboards, old metal windows and doors, great natural light and cross ventilation (not that we have tested it during these crayzy summer days).  The furnishings, I have to admit, are not really to our taste (the apartment came fully furnished).  A strange hybrid of French provincial and Chinese historic.  The landlord is probably having an each way bet on potential tenants – either a wealthy local or a romantic expat.  The sofa is way too big and quite ugly.

One feature is the fancy drinks cabinet (perhaps it has a proper name, but I don’t know it …)  From its closed position… 

one simply pushes the front panel …

to (ta da!) reveal a very generous amount of alcohol storage.  More than we would ever need anyway…

We also have a Grandfather clock.

And this mushroom sculpure thingy.  While we are going to ask the landlord to take anyway the sofa, the ashtray stand and a few other items, we are definitely going to keep this one. 

The main bedroom has a good view over trees.

And the kitchen looks over the adjacent gardens and neighbouring building.  The buildings are much closer than in a modern complex, but the landscape and thoughtful placement of windows allow for a sense of privacy.  The other day, however, I did spy one of our across-the-courtyard neighbours watering his balcony plants – in the “old style”, if you know what I mean…

The bathroom is kinda Parisien.

All the way down to the toilet, which has been fitted with a crayzy water-spurting lid.  Like a poor man’s bidet – a poor man who doesn’t mind bum grime getting trapped in all the gaps created by the badly fitted seat.  Way too European for my liking …


5 Responses to Our new place – front door to jamban

  1. katharine says:

    Wow your new apartment looks amayzing!!! Very frenchy very chic indeed 🙂 Sounds like a fantastic neighbourhood – and somewhere new and exciting to explore and add posts on. Yay!

  2. Nick F says:

    Looks like a fascinating mix (pickled chook aside). Good to see you both settling in….

  3. aline says:

    are you taking visitors yet?
    how about end of October? 🙂

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