Hong Kong / City, nature and nothing in between

One thing I like about living in Shanghai is being able to get to Hong Kong easily (that was not meant to be a downer on Shangers of course…)  Last weekend, I got to meet up with the Senior Clique of the Bullshit Clan, who were heading home after a few weeks poking around Yīngguó.

The weather was pretty rainy, as it is in September.  But, as luck would have it, a change in the weather made the last day perfect for a trip up The Peak.  This stunning Honkers skyline panorama is yours! Click on it for a larger view (as with all images here, of course…)

It’s pretty cool how such a dense city sits within such a beautiful natural environment, and that the division between the two is so sudden.  No buffering of the CBD with seemingly endless suburbia, where little pieces of nature (if you can refer to backyards as such) are divided up and guarded by Colorbond fences – Sydney, I’m looking at you!  In Hong Kong, nature is preserved for the good of all.  People share space, not own it.

I know, I have heard all the arguments about why apartment living is so inferior (in fact, many of them from one of my weekend companions…) but consider the advantages of a dense city like Hong Kong – great public transport, you are close – if not literally on top off – everything you need and everyone gets a good view.

Plus, you get to keep a lot of nature.  From The Peak Tram station (just a 10 minute ride from Central), you only need to walk 10 minutes to cop a view like this… 

You’d hardly know you were so close to 8 million other people.


6 Responses to Hong Kong / City, nature and nothing in between

  1. Danny Yee says:

    I really enjoyed my trip to Hong Kong three years ago. If we end up visiting again, a side-trip in the other direction (to Shanghai) might be tempting.

    BTW, if you the visible stitch lines in that panorama aren’t deliberate (it’s kind of a neat effect) I recommend the hugin software package http://hugin.sourceforge.net/ which should smooth all those merge lines out.

  2. Adina West says:

    I do love the effect of a green jungle clad mountain rising behind high rise buildings, and HK does this uniquely well…but in terms of everyone having a view (a counter argument if you will allow it): I feel I should point out that this is HK island in your pics. And it’s pretty.

    Make the drive over to the Kowloon side, past the container ports and in the direction of the international airport at Lantau Island, and you’ll pass some much more depressing high rise buildings, which are so narrow and so close together that those in the more hemmed in buildings would get no sun, and no view except that of another high rise building within touching distance out their window. But…Hong Kong island is still pretty. 🙂

    • I’m just using two techniques favoured by writers: a) narrow the focus; and b) embellish. Actually, I have no idea whether that’s what writers do.

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