Crayzy bright things in the park

The other day, I popped on my new Feiyues (an old-school Chinese sneaker brand that translates as ‘flying forward’, once standard issue for school kids but enjoying a second life as a slightly ironic fashion piece) and went to look at some sculptures.  For 2 months, a park in Jing’an (just near our place) has become an outdoor art space, perhaps coinciding with Expo, but certainly showcasing a bunch of sculptors from around the world.

The park contains a Japanese-style pavilion … all precast concrete and timber beams, its quite a lovely building and a great space for some of the more contemplative scultpures.

These massive metal pieces slowly turn in the breeze (above head height, of course…)

And speaking of heads …

As I have observed before, the local artists seem to tackle a variety of ‘izzues’ with their work.  This was a little person blowing up a foot with a few too many toes.

And – OMG! – a few too many Doctors!

This one was pretty spectacular, like a huge blob of metal hovering above, and oozing onto, the footpath.  It also had a little shiny bear perched on top.  It spoke to me, but  I am not sure what it was saying…

Naughty Boy, however, was giving some clear messages.  This 8-foot infant was balanced upon a row of metal Pepsi bottles and brandished an equally shiny machine gun.  I have cropped these from the image, lest I glamourise two very bad habits.

The centrepiece of the park was a bright and brilliant piece, aptly named Red Beacon. 

After all this walking, I discovered that my Feiyues had been hard at work, creating a humungous festering blister on my heel that is forcing me into thong-wearing for the next few days.   Red, oozing, disturbing … it may just qualify as modern art.


2 Responses to Crayzy bright things in the park

  1. natalie says:

    Always love some red shoe wandering photography – Ahh you are dr bullshit redrollering 🙂

  2. Adina West says:

    I do like Red Beacon. Reminds me of giant matchstick art…

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