Showing off a bit of flesh…

You can walk seemingly forever in Shanghai and not run out of things to look at.  Last weekend, we did loads of walking around the Suzhou Creek area, just to the north of the city.  While it’s easy to get lost in the crooked streets of these older neighbourhoods, the city’s skyscrapers pop into view even so often to remind you that you are indeed in the centre of a major metropolis.

Qipu Road is renowned for cheap clothes shopping, including massive department stores and shopping malls, and a very hectic street market.  They say that to find cheaper clothes in Shanghai, you would need to front up at a textiles factory (and then, you’d also have to bargain with the seamstresses).

It attracts a lot of people…

… not to mention the usual variety of transport vehicles …

… and all the stuff (delivery carts, motorcycle taxis, bins and brooms) required to keep the place functioning in a relatively civilised way.

One of the architectural “features” of Qipu Road is the White Horse Shopping Mall, obviously the place for ladies’ intimates.  It attracts a substantial number of men, just hanging around outside … perhaps just waiting for their wives, who are picking up a few pairs of cheap knickers …

… or maybe these his-n-hers patterned wool robes.  Am thinking with winter coming on …

A few blocks away, we discovered another market street – the more regular local food market, tucked into a row of old residential buildings.  The opposite side of the street had already been demolished to make way for a modern residential complex, complete with blank wall and widened footpath to the street.  It’s sad to think that soon, the older buildings will be torn down too, realising the vision of a bigger and blander street.  That’s progress!

The markets were particularly meaty, so we rushed through at a pretty fast pace (Mr I.E. was not happy).  The Master of the Map managed a few quick-draw photos on his more fancy camera, so much credit to him for these snaps…

It’s duck duck …

Goose!  Just after this photo, poor Goosie managed to lock eyes with me as if to say “Please just buy me and end this undignified life-in-a-cardboard-box”.  He really was out of place in this green vegetable display.

Mr Fish wasn’t too impressed with the camera work.  Less so was Mrs Chicken a few doors up, who stopped mid-beheading to give the Master a prolonged death-stare and a move-along-please expression.

No wonder … I think there are bad things going on here.  How much per kilo for the kid, do you reckon?


3 Responses to Showing off a bit of flesh…

  1. Charlie says:

    hi dt, just wondering if you can pick me up a his-n-hers patterned wool robes set please? I just love the theming; it appeals to my landscape sensibilities.
    PS Do they really sell human at that meat stall?
    PPS Looks like a fascinating place – interesting to still see so much market activity in the mega-mall era…

    • Charlie, the seriousness of your last comment is totally diminished by the absurdity of the first three. Actually, the bit about theming is also serious, innit? Theming is HUGE here … literally as well as figuratively.

      • Charlie says:

        Theming…you can NEVER get enough can you?! Hmmm. Keep up the blogging Dr dt, it’s very enjoyable reading.

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