I Heart Bobo

So, some workfriends and I went to see a play the other day – an adaptation of Hans Christian’s Andersen’s Snow Queen.  I had forgotten that HCA wrote kids’ stories, but I guess that explains why at least half the audience was under five and loudly saying all sorts of things like “That’s his nipple!” and “Are they real cherries?  Are they … REAL … CHERRIES?!!”

One of our group arrived just as the show was about to start, and after she had found a spot for herself and her oversized handbag, another of our workfriends leant over to me to whisper three magic words: “Bobo is here”.  That phrase helped me through the next two and half hours of amateur theatre.

Meet Bobo.  Bobo is quite possibly the smallest and cutest dog I have ever met (with apologies to Herman and Merlin and Teddy and all the others…)  Bobo could almost fit in a teacup.

I think that Bobo has more changes of clothes than I do.  This is a widespread phenomenon in Shanghai, where dogs are treated better than children.  I’ve seen all sort of doggy sweaters and pants, hats and scraves, even mini-Converse shoes.

This is what Bobo wore for Halloween this year.  It’s a pumpkin suit, in case you didn’t realise.


This is Bobo’s preferred means of transport.

And here is Bobo deeply contemplating the meaning of something, perhaps life, perhaps the next costume change.  Bobo’s sense of focus got her through the whole of the Snow Queen without a yelp or attempted escape from her carrybag.

And the name, you wonder?  ‘Bo’ means wave, ‘bobo’ is like a sine wave, which apparently is like the shape of a lady’s chest, especially an ample one.   Which for a small fluffy dog makes sense, doesn’t it…?

I guess some things just don’t need to make sense, hey Bobo?

Thanks to Bobo’s Mama for the photos!
I will remove any comments that poke fun at my little friend and/or question the value of making this post, OK!


6 Responses to I Heart Bobo

  1. luKe says:

    So Paris Hilton has infiltrated Chinese pop culture.
    Or perhaps the bagged dog (are you sure that it is not a rat?) is just a variation on a theme of caged cicadas and singing birds.

    • I think it would predate Paris Hilton (who actually isn’t that well known here) as most of the lap dogs are owned by older couples. The small factor is more related to the size of apartments and the lack of parks in the city, not about following a fad. BTW, you are lucky that ‘rat’ comment didn’t get censored!

  2. luKe says:

    By way of contrast to the complexities of Bobo’s wardrobe, this article from today’s The Australian makes for thought provoking reading :

  3. Adina West says:

    No nasty comments – I promise. Teeny weeny cute things are a bit irresistible. I have a thing for baby quails. They’re just so tiny and fluffy and cute…and their mothers are the same size as the chicks of normal chickens!

    That is a really small dog though. I think my daughter has a toy which is bigger.

  4. bitbot says:


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