Suzhou / canals, gardens, silkworms

We’ve just had a visit from my big sister and brother-in-law and were keen to show them something outside Shanghai.  People go on a bit about the canal towns, so we jumped on the fast train to Suzhou (in case anyone is wondering, it’s pronounced like “su-jo”).  I mentioned our deluxe train ride in an earlier post.

Suzhou is one of China’s best known ancient cities, the capital of the Wu Kingdom for 8 centuries and a key part of the historic development of the modern Yangtze River economic zone.  It is famed for it’s network of canals, historic gardens and as a centre for silk production.  Limiting ourselves to a day trip (and starting late due to a little sleep-in and issues getting train tickets) didn’t give us a lot of time to explore and understand the city.

But, what we saw was great.  We spent most of the time walking around the old part of the city, through historic streets and along the canals, over old stone bridges and past delightful little buildings.  We walked for ages, but I feel like we barely scratched the surface – we only got to see one garden and no silk worms (there is a whole bunch in one of the museums).

But we got to see lots of tiny streets …

… and canals …

… and bridges …

… and people just doing their thing …

… and buildings, old and new(ish), falling apart and spruced up …

… and just not enough time …

I am already planning a return visit!


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