Snow. Shanghai has that too.

Shanghai really does have everything … crazy buildings, a good Metro, an interesting history, and snow.  Before I moved here, snow wasn’t part of the image I had of the city, but then again, many things weren’t.  Anyway, it snowed today.  It wasn’t particularly heavy, but it was constant, so by the end of the day, most things were covered in white.  I am glad I bought a new coat on the weekend.

These photos are of my office, taken by our in-house photographer.

I also called Mr I.E. and asked him to leave the warmth of our apartment to take a few shots around the ‘hood.

My phone described the day as “partly sunny with flurries” whatever they are … It also suggests we will have a 20 degree temperature jump over the next few days.  Sunday will be sunny, no flurries, no worries.



2 Responses to Snow. Shanghai has that too.

  1. aline says:

    love the “partly sunny with flurries”, jon thinks it’s forecasting maccas desserts for you 🙂

    • i’ve succumbed to starbucks. so i guess mcdonalds might be next. perhaps it’s a marketing tie-in with my phone company, similar to the carrie bickmore / oprah one in sydney… 🙂

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