Snowing me, snowing you

My journey to work was slow today.  We got another big dump of snow last night so I have to tread carefully (for fear of slipping) and stop to take lots of photos. 

This is the view from our living room. 

And just outside the front door.  At this point, I was considering a sickie.

And the street outside.

On my stop-off for coffee on Anfu Road.  I was hoping for better framing but my fingers were snap frozen and I was balancing camera, coffee cup and umbrella.

And another yellow vehicle.  I say: if you come equipped with a scoop and it’s snowing, get on the road and do something useful…

Julu Road, just near the Metro station.

And proof (via the crayzy Nanpu Big Bridge) that I am actually in Shanghai.

We even have a snowman welcoming people to our office.  He seems to be smoking one of those pen-cigarettes.


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