60+2 hours watching The Wire

With wintry weather of late, indoor activities win out.  In the last month, we managed to get though all 5 seasons of The Wire … that’d be 60 hours of staring at the TV.

But I’ve also been spending quite a bit of my spare time staring into the sky.

It’s not that I’ve lost my mind (least I think not) … it’s that the trees have lost their leaves so there’s a lot more sky to be looking at.

The lack of foliage has also revealed the buildings of the city, giving the streets a whole new character.

I am also noticing a lot more in the way of cables.  Yeah, yeah, a different kind of wire …

I spent most of a recent Saturday morning just wandering around framing photos of naked trees and power poles.

It was an hour to two well spent.

The undirected nature of the morning contrasted well with the typically hectic outcome-focused week at work.

… a little like the capricious quality of the plane trees against the taut lines of the wires.

And, along with sleeping and eating, walking is one of my favourite things.  It’s a good break from sitting around looking at a screen (at both work and home).

But best of all, the crisp blue sky reminded me that the house-bound days of winter will soon be ending.


2 Responses to 60+2 hours watching The Wire

  1. luKe says:

    A nice use of metaphor.

  2. bitbot says:


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