Rui’an / A shop for everything

Here is a popular mode of transport in the city Rui’an.  I don’t whether to call them a covered rickshaw or tri-shaw or tricycle with lid … but for about a dollar, you can hire one to take you somewhere.  Or, like we did, you can negotiate a fee for a few hours sightseeing around the city.


Our ride took us through the older part of the city, which was packed full of crumble-down buildings, themselves jammed full of the most amazing variety of shopfronts.  There were all the typical convenience stores (if the excrutiatingly slow service could be called a “convenience”), fruit shops and vegetable shops (in China, the two are NEVER combined) and noodle cafes.


But, also squillions of shops selling all sorts of other stuff … hardware and pots and clothes and …


furniture (including chairs thoughtfully road-tested by the shopkeepers) and lanterns …


… and fabric rolls and mobile phones and anything else you might need.

Side by side, a small office and an internet cafe.


It was quite a task photographing the shopfronts, as we were moving at a pretty hectic pace and often swerving around obstacles (objects and people).  And, as the streets were filled with shoppers and retailers and other people just hanging around, I found it hard to get shots that weren’t messed up by people.

And speaking of mess, I have no idea what was going on here.  But, here they are, both shutters wide open, produce (literally) spilling onto the street, ready for business.


7 Responses to Rui’an / A shop for everything

  1. Gizzard says:

    Looks like my lounge room after the girls raid the dressing up basket!

  2. bitbot says:

    Doctor, please clarify whether it is fruit or vegetable shops that sell tomatoes, capsicums and bananas.
    Also, what about nuts?
    What about legumes?

    • Has anyone thought of the legume children?!!
      Nuts and dried bananas are often sold by on the street, from little wooden trolleys manned by Uyghurs.
      Like everywhere else in the world, the proper distinction of fruit and vegetable is usually ignored. So, capsicums and tomatoes are found in vegetable shops.
      But, I realised I lied in my post … we have a great fruit AND vegetable shop near our apartment. They even stock avocadoes … thus the shopkeeper is known locally as Avocado Lady.

  3. bitbot says:

    …and the people who hate fruit also hate (raw) tomato. So that proves it once and for all.

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