Ha’erbin / … and miscellaneous weird and cold stuff

The last night in Ha’erbin, as if we hadn’t had enough of the mind-numbingly weather and fluoro ice sculptures, we visited the third of the Ice Festival’s main locations, Zhaolin Park.  It wasn’t too far to walk there from the hotel, along the city’s main pedestrian street.

This street also had a bunch  of ice sculptures, including a massive Marilyn Monroe in her famous pose from The Seven Year Itch.  Had that movie been set in Ha’erbin, she would have suffered third-degree frostbite – very quickly and in some very unpleasant places …

Although packed full of brightly-lit and cleverly-crafted sculptures, Zhaolin Park was much less impressive than the other sites we had been.  Perhaps we were suffering a little bit of ice fatigue.

Its key attraction was a big shed in the middle of the park that housed an international ice carving competition.

These were pretty amazing pieces of work, conceptually thoughtful and intricately carved, and representing the endeavours of teams from across the world.

Seems that some teams couldn’t make it though …

Although the placement of the broom in this one suggests some kind of intention, perhaps …

We stumbled upon (or rather were drawn, through a thousand glowing  lights, towards) a large structure in another section of the park.  A small crowd had assembled in front of a small glazed box, which sat atop a glowing platform.

Inside was an incredible display of human initiative … a young (I assume) gentleman (I also assume), dressed in a golden gimp suit (sans mouth-zip) conducting a very strange, yet alluring, laser dance.  Hard to describe, harder to capture, impossible to forget.


At the end of the show, he disappeared into a hole in the floor and a lovely young lass came out to wish us a happy Spring Festival and to say some other stuff.

I don’t know if she explained what we had just seen, but it was probably best left unclarified.


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