Walkabout / Fangbang Dong Lu

First west, now east.  Middle is not so exciting … pretty touristy and lacking a real sense of authenticity.

Like the Xi Lu, Fangbang Dong Lu is packed full of shops and restaurants, with products and people spilling over the street (and very few in cars in sight).

But it is certainly a bit brighter.

The same traditional-style Chinese architecture is on display …

with newer apartment buildings a little better integrated into the older urban fabric (at least by colour, by also by scale)

There are homes in the sky …

as well as on the street.

And just loads and loads of shops selling all sorts of stuff.

Although sometimes the display techniques can be a bit dodgy.

Lanterns and hanging things.

Fans and butchered meats.

The equivalent of a “two dollar shop” (2 yuan = about 30 cents).

A tattoo shop.

And, off to one side, a chaotic and hygiene-averse “eat street”.

Like I said, it’s bright.

As Fangbang Lu reaches its eastern end, it becomes a little more European in its styling, with paved streets, awnings and neo-Classical architectural allusions.  And appropriately, a generous helping of dog turd, as the woman in this image could attest.

By then, we are almost to the Huangpu River.

And over the rooftops loom the soaring commercial towers of Pudong, located on the other side of the river and in another world entirely.



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