Now, that IS crayzy

This page is devoted to some of the cool things I have encountered… remember to click on the image for a larger view!

These guys were pushing a big red tube down a manhole and creating a nice composition for me to photograph.

Lots of wires.

While awaiting departure from one of the main train stations in Shanghai, I caught this frame from a movie preview.  After my 4.5 hour train journey, I too felt as though I had been punched in the face.

Vow ribbons in a temple.

The other day, some workers demolished and rebuilt part of the wall around a construction site in our neighbourhood.  This gave me the opportunity to peak inside (via the camera lens).  There are a few buildings left behind, still occupied and sitting in front of a backdrop of what’s to come …

Here is something I haven’t seen before: a business shirt vending machine.  I saw it in the lobby of an office building.  No refund, no change room.

Bright lights, big city …

An odd little restaurant – the dining area was 2 storeys high but only about two metres wide and stuck right on the street front.  A tiny space but high impact.

Dragonboy and I took a ride on this huge ferris wheel in Wuxi.  I spent the 20 minute ride thinking about all the lax workplace practices I have seen here.

The same wheel doing its best War of the Worlds impression.

Here is a shop selling dried gourds and paint brushes … what else could one need?

It was very clear and bright the other night, so I took some long exposure shots from the balcony (it was also cold, so I didn’t feel like leaving home).   My neighbours did not provide any Rear Window scenarios, thankfully.

Always looking for Jeffrey Smart moments.  If only the woman was a fat bald man staring into space…

There is heaps of investment going on here with public infrastructure.  This is the concourse of one of the intercity train terminals.  At the centre is a large void space opening to the platforms below.

The elevated roads get special treatment at night – a swathe of blue lighting reminiscent of that used in many public toilets and alcoves around the streets of Sydney.  Couldn’t find a vein anywhere…


7 Responses to Now, that IS crayzy

  1. paulmac says:

    #9 … I would say that is a welcomed sight to many a man who may just be coming back from their lunch hour rendezvous, when only to realise there is now an obvious big red lipstick stain adorning their collar.

  2. keelah says:

    no 2: reminds me of redfern station where everyone waits above to see which train will come in first and then rushes down to catch it, don’t you think?
    love the photos.

    • yes, same arrangement, but this station is for long-distance trains where you need to book your ticket in advance. and even on the metro, you don’t need to do that kind of rushing, as the trains are so regular!

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