Is that the truth or did you just see it in Shanghai? There are some games being played with the truth here.

Jing’an Temple is one of Shanghai’s oldest and most significant heritage sites.  That’s not enough for you?  How about we shoehorn some retail (budget clothes and greasy food stalls) underneath?  Oh yes, that’s much better. 

China just doesn’t get coffee (if there’s one thing I miss about home…)  I once ordered a cappucino and this is what I got … a strong black coffee topped with whipped cream and sprinkles.


This building is still under construction … spot anything odd?  Another common trick is to give your building a name that sounds like a year.  The instant credibility of pretending that your building is 125 years old, when in fact, it is just a new and slightly crappy Japanese restaurant!

I’ll quote that … “low calorie cheese cake”  That’s either a lie or a really terrible cheesecake.

What is that I spy … multi-layered temple or modern commercial tower …?  Rows of columns (Corinthian, if I am not mistaken) look good in ancient Greece.  Not so good incorporated into an office block in downtown Pudong.

Here is a common one – just because you say doesn’t mean it’s true. There are quite a few things named “Shanghai’s Number One”. Like this restaurant and the “Number 1 Department Store”. Well, they can’t all be number one, can they?


3 Responses to O RLY?

  1. Nate says:

    Ionic, Dave.
    Or have they got to you too?

    btw, I have a lot of fun staying abreast of your observations.
    good blog.

  2. Nate says:

    ‘we’re all urban designers’

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