Small Man Big Hair

It doesn’t matter how they start (but preferably with a good architect and a signed fee agreement) but Shanghai buildings tend to end in a real flourish. From delicate to whimsical to kinda fugly, there are all types of hairstyles on display…

This one is actually in Beijing.  From one angle, it is set against a foreground of some kind of ‘cultural minority’ park, complete with totem poles and thatched roof cottages inspired by China’s ethnic diversity.

But, from any angle, it’ s just weird.

Here’s an experiment.  Let’s add one crayzy rooftop (Pearl Tower) to another (some commercial building nearby) and see what eventuates.


That still look crayzy, but not super crayzy.

I read in a book that people like to call this building Elvis (due to it’s distinct brushed-over style) but I’ve never heard anyone call it that.

This ain’t really a building as such, but it is an inventive, albeit entirely ineffective, way to hide a telecommunications tower within a national park.  In fact, the fake pine tree (not really endemic to that area) draws more attention than an undressed tower would.

The Benny Hill approach to architecture.  I’m not the only one who thought that, right?

That sky is blue.  That building is pointy.

Phew, that’s the sky I’m used to! Not to mention another rocket-topped building.

A better view of the Marriott, showing the ball inside the claw.  Good feng shui, apparently.

I call them Ball and Cone.  But, if you asked a Chinese architect to name them, you’d probably end up with Silver Moon World and The People’s Rocket.

When you’re onto a bad idea … stick to it!  This is a typical apartment complex – buildings are the same design, oriented the same way and have the same pointless roof feature.

The Jinmao Tower, an office building just up the road from my work.  It’s meant to be inspired by a pagoda.  Commerce has trumped spirituality, I guess.

This is a largely forgettable office building in a place I can’t remember.  The rooftop is wrong on many levels – literally!

The Marriott … the spikiest of forms gently leaning towards each other.

The Bund Centre.  It’s like a big flower.

This is the Radisson opposite People’s Park.  It looks a bit like a UFO, which is why a lot of people don’t like it and why I do.


4 Responses to Small Man Big Hair

  1. Dan Pretty says:

    you need to check out the very crayzy but very impressive terminator style building in Beijing and add it to the archi-pop collection!!
    I am loving the Doctors photos and stories…

  2. schorschi says:

    The number one is definetly #1

    Why didn’t we know about that when we were doing parramatta – extra push for the romantic bar…

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