Fun with food!

I love to eat. Alongside sleeping and walking, it is my favourite thing to do. I am getting to enjoy some very good (and also very odd) food here …
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There’s a new vegetarian place in our neighbourhood specialising in Sichuan food.  There’s no English menu, so we just told them to bring us whatever they felt like.  It’s a rare luxury to not have to worry about ordering …

Check out this crayzy desert tower, full of beans and peanuts and ice.  It’s about a foot high and extremely sugary.  Oh, and yummy.


A couple of times, we been to Glo, a local British bar/restaurant/bakery.  They do a vegetarian breakfast (best enjoyed with a mojito) and hot chocolates in a mug shaped like a bus.


The debris of a hectic night of Japanese hotpotting.

Another recent local discovery … Kechara Tea House at Red Town.

Housed in an old brick factory, they do very nice (and very cheesy) Western food and amazing teas (obviously!)

I was staying in a (4 star, but very local-style) hotel in Tianjin and found this handy information notice on my table at breakfast.  It explains that bad combinations of food can have adverse health effects … like cancer and stomach problems.  Duck and pear should not be combined, nor should watermelon and banana (fruit salad – your new dietary enemy!).  And, not to forget, dog and garlic … a sure-fire generator of bad breath, if nothing else.

Yesterday, we visited a new vegetarian eatery called Kush.  Apart from my favourite, Annamaya, it’s very hard to find decent Western veg food in Shanghai.  As Kush has just opened, they treated our group to an endless supply of food and drinks … I was totally baow! by the end and had to spend the rest of the day lying in front of the TV digesting.


It’s supermarket meets wet market … the frozen food section of a local supermarket where you can just self-serve your supply of peas or French fries.  It’s hard to shift my Western mindset away from the potential hygeine issues … dribbling kids, gloveless hands, cockroaches.

I took my team out for lunch to Vegetarian Lifestyle (their choice, by the way…), one of Shanghai’s oldest and best known meat-free restaurants.  Amongst all the amazing food options, they have these wacky vege parcels shaped like handbags.  Given his apparent disregard for the health and safety of animals, Louis Vuitton would be turning in his grave.


In downtown Beijing, they have a “snack street” selling all sorts of stuff …


fried noodles …


meaty products (this woman was doing the hard sell on snake kebabs) and my culinary nemesis, stinky tofu …


more meat, candied fruit and whole coconuts … all looks great, but fearing food safety standards, I never eat this stuff

It’s like a Rubik’s Cube made out of 3 types of veg!  Crayzy!  Impossible to solve!

On a visit to Lanzhou, we got served some amazing tea, full of whole dates, gingko, goji berries and flowers.  We had to drink it with a lid, pushed over slightly to make a gap for drinking through.

Lanzhou is famous for its “la mian” (chilli noodles).  Mostly made with meat in soup, but they always do a vegetarian version for me.  It is delicious!


If you go to the cocktail bar at the top of Shanghai’s second tallest building and pay way too much, you can get this silly-looking selection of deserts.  I can’t remember the actual dishes … but it did taste great.

Shanghai’s oldest vegetarian restaurant (in Yuyuan Bazaar) also serves some of Shanghai’s least exciting vegetarian food.

This is something we see often … a type of yam or radish (occasionally potato) topped in raspberry jam.  Not as strange-tasting as you’d expect.

Occasionally, we DO cook at home.
We found some fake beef chunks in the supermarket once … perfect for this oily noodle concoction …

There is a great little veg restaurant called Ming Sheng on Dapu Road, near Tianzifang.  Seaweed + white mushroom + radish (?) = best veggie stack ever!

We also had crispy “duck” pancakes.  A plastic glove was provided so you could really get into the experience of eating.  We politely declined of course!

I think this a local delicacy – a squishy bread filled with red beans.

We call this “ball bag tofu” … something about the shape and texture.  It’s the only type of tofu that I don’t really like.  The insides remind me of spit or something.

Can’t remember the food, but the over-the-top styling of the restaurant certainly left an impression. It’s in Ningbo and we got a private room to relax after we had done a client presentation. The lazy susan spun around automatically, which caused no end of annoyance for our waitress, who tried to stop it by force every time she added a plate to it.

There’s a saying in Shanghai: order a latte, and be given the world. Actually, I just made that up and it’s unlikely to catch on. I got this coffee in a fancy hotel I stayed in for work. It was quite hard to drink.

This pastry looked like a slug filled with chocolate poo.  This look crayzy!

This is a little Korean snack called Ddeobokki – a soft rice cake well-known for its overuse of consonants, its brilliantly spicy tomato sauce and its widespread availability (every street corner, apparently).

Another all-you-can-eat vegetarian buffet, closer to home.  All corners of the planet were represented, from pasta to sushi, steamed buns to French fries … all converted to meat-free bliss. The thing in the top picture with the paddle pop stick was a ‘purple blood cake’ and I guess it actually wasn’t that nice.


A buffet plate from Loving Hut in Seoul. For the uninitiated, this chain is supported by the Supreme Master, otherwise known as Ching Hai, a Vietnamese entrepreneur who advocates animal rights and has her own cable television station. Anyway, the food is great.

We did a lot of walking around Zhongshan Park in Nanjing, and were delighted to find a little vego restaurant halfway up a mountain.  Lots of crayzy fake meat and a very special (and maybe offensive?) message to yours truly…

A local delicacy, the deep fried corn cake.  Kind of like popcorn and pancake in one.  Magic!

Black sticky rice, topped with some gelatinous thing and served in a little cane basket.  From Turtle Neck Peninsular in Wuxi.


My old friend, roti canai.  Discovered in Hong Kong.  Since discovered in Shangers….

The famous Buddha Jumps Over the Wall … click on this link for a full description:


12 Responses to Fun with food!

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  2. natalie says:

    # 8 made me throw up a lil in my mouth – ewwwwhhhh

  3. Ddeobokki? No way! It’s brilliant, just ask Bear.
    Or maybe you mean #9…? The poo worm? That IS pretty ew.

  4. Adina West says:

    No way, I can see past the shape to the chocolatey awesomeness. Number 8 rocks!

    Pretty sold on number 3 too – I mean who could pass up such a cute little basket?

    I’m sensing a sweet theme in my areas of interest. Hmmmm.

  5. jules says:

    you make me laugh, DT.
    #12 – 9 were the absolute highlights

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  8. Gizzard says:

    Oh, Doctor, I loooove #14. I was salivating ’til I hit the ball bags with spit inside. Funny how the thought of saliva doesn’t make you salivate. I guess after your wall run you could’ve eaten this whole post in one go (except maybe the ball bags). Hey, I think I just enjoy saying ball bags. I must get more sleep…

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