It’s Personal

There is a free street mag here called Enjoy Shanghai and within which, is a page devoted to connecting people.  I’m not sure how many of them are legitimate listings, but invariably, there will be many that are sweet or absurd or unsettling or any combination of all three.  I will regularly showcase the best of these friendship searches and missed connections.

The February Edition

Not interested in both, but maybe one?  Otherwise, I don’t know wot u r talkin abt. 

“Let’s see”…?  I think someone has a fair idea of what they want.


Efficient, awkward, adheres to cliche.

East-going?  Japan, perhaps.  East of Shanghai is mostly ocean.

Yeah right, I take all my good “friends” for visits to factories and offices.


I think that right now, Santa will be preparing a lawsuit against this outrageous act of slander.

The December Edition

Wow!  It’s been a while.  But the fun and lovin’ never stops.  

I’ve given up on “entirely honest”.  “Relatively honest” will do.

Short, simple, possibly racist.

Hmmmm, seems someone already has an idea of what might happen.  No need for ingenuity.  Just a can of Mace or a bodyguard.

Whatever you want is a dangerous offer (see above).

While talking about care and respect, I will demand a photograph so I can judge you on your appearance.

Well, someone had to live next door to Cleopatra, I guess.  So, the two decriptions are not necessary mutually exclusive.

Yeah right!  “buddies”, “sports”, “exchange  some ideas” … it’s pretty obvious what this one is after.

And this one too.

And I’ll bring my calculator!   

The July Edition

Does this really fit under the heading “Friends” …?

In other words, no fat chicks.

Prefers sex hard?  With a name like “asshole”, you have to wonder …

Seems to be quite a few looking for a bit of NSA (no strings attached) action this month …

Anything else you want?

It’s true, Shanghai does have a bit of a sun deficiency problem.

Good question.

This month, there were no architects mentioned (I do only have one page to work with, afterall) … so I went online to see more (as suggested at the bottom of the page).


The June Edition

I can’t think of anything witty to write about this one.
I guess nothing needs to be said.

Those damn architects are making it hard for everyone else!

And another checklist …Is it just the pedant in me, or would it be a bit simpler if it read: “Must be neat and clean, and any two of the following: handsome, hot, nice, funny”?  Obviously not paying per word.

Trust me, I have so many interests, I just can’t list any of them.
Perhaps it is pay per word.

I just didn’t see “…and caring” coming.

Jeff, I’m not desperate or a stalker or running out of other options, I promise.  It’s only 7 years afterall!

Apparently, you were wearing no pants.  I may have given you someone else’s business card.  We would be great together.

The May Edition

I am unfamiliar with the euphemism “making sunshine” but I like it a lot.

“…as I mentioned”?  Not sure I recall talking to JC previously about her need to meet dancers cuz no matter met her before.

Well, it is undeniable: architects really are a more highly evolved species.

What about gay architects though?  You can be mean and perfect at the same time…

Either an attempt at humour or a really tragic occasion.

An idea: just hang out at IKEA until this person has their next shift.

Sounds great.  Hold on, with an alias like “Erotic T”, are you after something more than lunch?


21 Responses to It’s Personal

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  2. Gizzard says:

    I think maybe that’s a typo – meant to be “erotect”, the new wave of erotic architex.

  3. Justin says:

    You’ve uncovered some gems there indeed. Looking forward to future installments of the tribulations of Shanghaiese hearts.

  4. Wolf says:

    Your chance of a livetime. She likes architects because of the physics or should that be physique.

  5. Danielle says:

    I am thinking that it would be very hard for you to choose between “seeking architect” and “gay bar”, perhaps you could come up with some kind of meeting place where all three of you could just hang out and make sunshine.

  6. ellise says:

    I like this section v much Dr. Thank you for making sunshine with us all.
    ‘seeking architect’ a clear favourite, reminds me of living with you elites on Botany St. Am confused tho why her contact is ‘polyblu’; shouldn’t it be ‘polloneckblack’?

    • too funny, you are.
      the difference between china and botany street (one of the many differences, of course) is that in china, there’s no need for the extra level of analysis and commentary. it’s all there already.

  7. Angela says:

    Haha Jo and I just had a good laugh.

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  9. vee says:


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  11. Gizzard says:

    “Normal girl” who wants little cardboard buildings resting on her body by a hairless architect – the alarm bells are ringing!

  12. bitbot says:

    Re: Runover [sic]

    Sounds like the opening sequence of a Hollywood romcom.
    Expect Jennifer Aniston and Paul Rudd to be all over this in about 5 minutes.

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  14. natalie says:

    Gold. These are hilarious. Winter brings a spike in postings … seeking cuddles. Too cute.

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